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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

i'm a penguin - on the wii anyway

So just finished a good 30 minute workout on Wii balance board
- in that 30 minutes I skied down a hill (as badly as I do in real life has to be said),
was a penguin balancing on an ice floe trying to eat fish diving side to side,
did a boxing workout,
floated down a river in a bubble like bubble boy leaning forward and sidewards trying not to burst bubble on rocks,
did a ski jump,
did 4 yoga poses,
3 strength poses,
headed soccer balls and also some soccer shoes that the other wiis threw at me and
also did a good heart pumping run on an island... phew... The island run also has a neat trick of last leg being downhill so you feel like you're getting to end easier..

So since we opened it at our Wii party I've got on that balance board every night 10 days in a row and done some activity even if its only for 10 minutes. The Wii party was pizza and beer so not the most calorie friendly though hah, plus hubbies cell phone was knocked accidentally by a friend from sofa arm in a pint of beer (although that now opens up way for a new iPhone in July... so a mishap? perhaps...)

Anyway - its very motivating - would be great for kids as well if it didn't ask to weigh you every time. What I like though is that it concentrates more on your Wii Fit Age - so how fit you are but it does weigh you and show your BMI as well as weight and tracks it on a chart. I made hubbie go into kitchen when I was weighing myself - also the wii characters that are you then look as heavy as you are after you get weighed.

Hopefully I'll keep up daily and watch my wii figure as well as my real one go down...


At 3:59 PM, Blogger jazz bird said...

I think all it would take is one weigh-in before it went flying out the window (open or not) like a frisbee. That's the beauty of yoga-- tranquility through a lack of questions. I think my Wii is stuck on Guitar Hero anyway ;) One of these days I've got to try golfing, though.


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