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Thursday, June 26, 2008

the world of blog

So I blog for many reasons

one : because the wall no matter how much I talk to it wont talk back..
two : because my family and friends live in far flung places and can keep up on the world of Borg
three: because I love writing, and my storytelling style of writing seems to fit well with blogging
four : because I get to chat and find out about others with their blogs and find out common interests, even things like hereditary spherocytosis..

So Friday I got to meet S and her husband who I had first contacted when I read her blog writing about her HS. I don't know anyone with HS outside of my family, my Mum, my sister and her two kids. S came to the bay area to have a spleenectomy and ended up having a partial one and through her bellybutton with hardly any scarring. Mine was taken out as a child and I have a 8 inch scar along my belly (which I'm sure was smaller but has stretched as I have, leading to another reason NEVER to get a tattoo... ) It was like meeting a pen pal and brilliant for putting a face to the words and stories on her blog. We had a lovely lunch and wee man roared and did his lalalalala enjoying all the attention.

Now through the blog I have been able to chat to many folks with HS, even find a yahoo group thanks to S. I found my husband with the Internet, why should I be surprised I find new friends and also folks who have our rare blood disorder as well. Its a much smaller world thanks to dot com :-)


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