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Thursday, June 26, 2008

choo choo

So next week we embark on a first for us, a train trip on Amtrak. We are heading down to friends in Santa Barbara and we're excited. Firstly because these friends are wonderful and have been asking us to visit Santa Barbara and see their house and land and the canyon for last couple of years - they have two wonderful wee boys and another baby on way.

But also because we get to go on the train. The wee lad is grand in a car now for about an hour - maybe two. So the thoughts of a 5 hour car journey was enough for us to reach for medication. Then I got to thinking - flights are expensive but how about the train.

So booked on Amtrak and not only are we going now directly there and can walk around - but we also have a bedette room booked. So we have our own little room, that converts into a bottom and top bunk, so wee lad can nap, so we can we and he can crawl around to his hearts content! Also included on the train is parlor room for eating and sightseeing and wine tasting. Gotta love trains in California. Also it will be following the coast for about 100 miles so scenery is supposed to be amazing.

All meals are included, theres your own steward and while its not the Orient express its a LOT better than 5 hour driving which would be 7 hours with stops for baby or a crowded airplane ride for twice the money. Also our local light rail goes to the station so we can go there and back without hassle (although I have to investigate that a little bit better as I'm sure when we get back home we would want to get back to our house quickly than light rail but we'll see!)

So all going well this wont be our last train ride I'm thinking. It might even end up being our July 4th tradition.

Of course in googling about the train and journey found a lot of web postings (and sites) about Amtrak. I cant say we'll be as well - lets say keen as those folks who write about the cars and history of trains, but then again its a bit too warm here in California for my trench coat and train binoculars...


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