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Friday, June 27, 2008

tall boy

So wee lad pulled my hand into his mouth today, to proudly show off his new tooth coming down from top of his gum. We had figured one was on way with the extra st Bernard drooling going on but I was expecting could be a while since he was drooling from month 3 and month 9 is when we got the bottom two. So looks like one on way now and other one breaking through. I also brushed his teeth last night with baby toothbrush - its one you wear on your finger. Too funny and he loved it. I'm sure he'll be eating steak soon...

So went to the doctors and wee lad is 75% percentile for height and head circumference. So he does have a Christy head. The height - well we hope he's taller than his Mum and Dad. Which of course wont be hard but hopefully he's version 2.0 and taller. We were all taller than my parents but that wasn't hard either ;-) I and the baby Maeve are the smallest ones with the bell curve of heights in middle with my other sisters and brother getting the taller gene.
he is in bottom 25% for weight which I know is just his stretch phase, he puts on weight - gets a fatter face then does stretch and then gets skinner and then repeats. Like a slinky growing up. He's in size 18 months clothes and age 2 toddler socks. Even the doc said he has large feet.

What impressed the doc was his social skills, he waved hello, tried to say hello, then sang along with his attempt at O MacDonald farm, it even sounds like the song - just not all the words. She handed him a paper towel saying for you and he handed back again saying U. This game went on for a wee while. So he's all healthy which is a blessing and she said he's very advanced for his age. She said most boys dont have that many words or try to use them till later. Wee Wizard is from a family of talkers so guess he is starting early.

I cant compare him to any other wee lad as he's all we have. All I know folks is that he's a lot of fun and loves to interact and sing. I find myself singing to him and him singing to me all day. Which is kinda funny if you know how much I hate musicals...


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