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Monday, July 14, 2008

summer fun

So we decided to put together our new BBQ. The old one.. Well my Dad decided to clean it (which it did badly need) last time they were in California after wee man was born. It was super clean afterwards but the flames also came out the front instead of underneath any food items on the grill. Great for a spy movie where you could roast your enemy who for whatever strange reason is using your grill but not so good when you're trying to BBQ some nice sausages. We had picked it up in Target a few weeks ago and himself decided time to put it together.

I knew there might be an issue when hubbie came to me and said that might not be the cake walk we thought. Turns out its in all pieces. Even the gas lines. So while I'm all for DIY and putting stuff together - the face that none of it was together around the gas line part made me think of our old BBQ. So we'll bring it back and pick up one already put together by some nice folks at OSH or Home Depot etc. Sometimes the extra $20 is SO worth it - especially when its going to take you 3 hours to put together yourself.

Also Saturday I finally cleaned our bedroom and bathroom. It wasn't dirty as much as messy. As much as we were away and here was all the laundry building up and finally catching up. When the hanger over the bathroom door broke and dumped all the robes, towels etc on back of door onto bathroom floor and it wasn't that much different. You know its time to clean when that happens. So I busied myself and himself had munchkin playing away in front room. Wee man LOVES the guitar himself was playing and now strums quite nicely. Thankfully has taken after himselfs musical ability.

Have a good week folks. Will talk to you later.. In meantime we'll be thinking of BBQing food till we buy another BBQ.


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