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Monday, August 11, 2008

apples not falling far from the tree

Here's wee lad sitting in his new chair his Godfather Arv got him for his upcoming birthday.. We were laughing saying it will do him till hes about 7 - its very cute though and has his name on back

So our wee lad said door pointing to it as we came in, cars is also a new word, tree is still here, shoes (attempt at shoes but he kept pointing to them, picked them up and put them against his feet - even we got the hint..

nanana - is banana, sometimes even with a b but not often. nahnah seems to be no sometimes or can be i want something. Book again was yesterday pointing and 'reading his book'.

We also say where's wee lad and he pops his head up and we say there you are.. and last week and this he says there you are .. its not as clear as that but we were laughing..

The funniest one though is hiya, ello, where he puts his hand to his ear and pretends hes on a telephone. He will hold anything up to his ear and chat, even pausing like the other person is chatting and saying yeah yeah.. He so far has held up some strange things to his ear and said hello and chatted - a piece of beef yesterday was the latest but a pickle last week was winning the strangest award. Sure why wouldn't he think everything is a phone, he sees us reading email on our iphone, taking his photo and then talking to it, me talking on a bluetooth, talking into a laptop on skype, on the handset phone and into the webcam. The doctor said hes very advanced for a boy verbally. Sure we werent that surprised. Of course he chats so much on phone you know then hes seen me do it. Some apples don't fall that far from the tree...


At 2:50 PM, Blogger Angoraknitter said...

yup, he is a smart one, you can just tell. Love the sports suit, he's ready for the world cup, ah!


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