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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

long weekends

So now that I'm back working full time I'm now yearning for that long weekend coming up. Not for a sleep in - hubbie was good enough to let me have long long sleep in Sunday after the party - taking munchkin so I napped till nearly 1230! But for the not getting up at 6am on a Monday. Don't get me wrong. I like the folks I work with - I actually started on calls yesterday and excited to get going. I have a new co-worker - an inspiring lady in her 40's who has climbed alps and Himalayas etc. Seriously. So we are going to start walking in our gym downstairs a couple days a week. I got up extra early this morning and tided away so that the wonderful cleaners can actually get around stuff to clean. We have a front room full of toys from his birthday and I think I'll go through them and put half them away so that he gets to play with a few at a time to keep it interesting. So that's why I've been quiet folks - just getting used to my new routine. I don't know how folks do it with more than one kid and work full time. Hopefully my new exercise will give me that daily boost to keep going. That or I'll have to buy shares in sugar free red bull...


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