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Monday, August 25, 2008

birthday boy

Our wee lad turned One last Wednesday. We had a small wee cake on the Wednesday with me , hubbie and wee hobbit (that Mammy got free in Safeway after much battling to get the free cake but wasnt stepping down from the offer..) and then Saturday a BBQ in park with friends who helped us ring in the celebration. Good time had by all. The BBQ had adults and kids in sacks racing away and pinatas being hit while babies sat and played under canopy with Mammys.

Its not only his birthday but our anniversary as parents. How did we do? Well wee Gandalf has 6 teeth, a huge smile for everyone, chats away, loves phones, stands on his own, starting taking steps, loves talking, playing and tiggles. He makes us laugh and we count all our blessings for the family we have built here from friends and makes us closer to our own families far away as we send them email updates and photos.

We're blessed. Its that simple. Happy Birthday fair haired wee F1 McCool. We love you.
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