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Saturday, September 20, 2008

First Birthday Cake

So the wee lads first birthday cake at home, first candle and first taste of cake. Nope the cake isn't hand made but seriously worked for this cake as hard. I had heard that with their birth cert you could get a free small cake from Safeway. So when I ordered his large two cakes for the party/BBQ I also asked about the small wee cake knowing would be just ourselves for his actual birthday at home. Lady told me yes I could pick that up on day so as I drove home the day before from work, I called to see when I could pick up. They said they knew nothing about the program. Really I said? , Finally after three managers later and about 6 calls they said the program was no longer running but I could get the cake as I was told it was still going on. The next morning I went to the store to pick up the cake and some cupcakes for his daycare so he could share. Of course nobody knew what I was talking about so off I went to see manager again who thankfully let me take the cake and pay for the cupcakes. After donating at the checkout line to muscular dystrophy went home with my cupcakes and free birthday cake. Wee lads eyes are a bit red in photo as its a long day after his daycare and he was at the park where he tends to get a bit snuffly with the cut grass. However that didn't stop him loving the cake, the singing and all the attention. Happy one year wee Gandalf. You've been the best present to us ever.

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