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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

new job

I have a new job and you know what. I like being with adults in an office again. Its fun. I go walking with my co-worker, we have a laugh teasing each other about stuff and its a great environment. Do I love getting up at 6am - well no but its great and I find myself having more cuddle time with munchkin too that early and when I pick him up after work. He's still loving his daycare and now saying his best friends name who is there which is super cute.

What do I do? Well I sell virtual meetings, events, training products. What they called software as a service - long way of saying its on the web and all you need is a browser window (that's what you are reading this in) and a phone and Bobs your Uncle. Its fun to chat on the phone for me so perfect job. And since my wee lad brings EVERYTHING up to his ear pretending its a phone obviously the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree.

Anyway - off I go to grab a cup of tea. Wee lad is down for a nap from when he came home and will need to wake him up a little so we can have him up for a little so he sleeps well tonight.


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