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Saturday, October 04, 2008


Wee man is chatting so much now car, chair, thank you, door, ball, hair, glasses, hat, head, nose and help was new one tonight that trying to teach him instead of uuuhhh groans when he wants some help

Favorite games are still open and shut - doesn't matter if its a door, top of box, or his dessert tonight of bango, ( organic banana and mango mix (very tasty!)) - putting lid on and off while I say on and off or open and closed delights him. He loves to walk now everywhere - still getting his balance but going for 1o steps now and delighted with himself.

Guess college is around the corner.. ;-) Seriously though I was saying to Catherine how its whizzing by and how she was saying its wonderful having wee lad around as reminds her of her two children now 14 and 12. He'll be so big by time my folks come out in January (here's hoping its a new house by then!) and also over Christmas with Jan's folks.

For now will get all my cuddles in while he still loves cuddling and rolling around the floor with his Mam and Dad.


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