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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Raining - Yeah!

So never thought I'd say those words growing up, but we get such little rain here over the summer and fall that when you do - its wonderful

This morning smelt of rain, the air fresh, washed clean of the smell of cars, trucks. We went to music singing away all of us and then in the car just in time before the thunderstorm hit. Raindrops came tumbling down and my windshield wipers moaned across the glass squeaky and dry from unuse. Soon the reassuring sound of shuuu, shuuu, shuuu, took over. It was over pretty quickly and a slow drive around the block home and it was done. Children out splashing in puddles.

I chatted with my sister Fig later, it was raining in Belfast. Its raining here I said excited! Is it cold she asked. Well no not really its about 70 degrees.. Their high was 55 so not exactly same. Also she said they were all red faced as they lit the fire and were enjoying being toasty. Here in Campbell you're not allowed wood burning or coal so its fake logs that are made up of compacted paper but they do crackle and burn, better than a real log. Also we have the fake log fire DVD that we will pop in later while we write the thank you cards finally for the wee mans birthday

So rain, rain come and stay, you're welcome for another day :-)


At 9:44 AM, Blogger Angoraknitter said...

I love the rain too!


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