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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What else can I eat

So wee lad is now whizzing around - he loves to walk on his own although he has got smarter about holding our hand outside as still not great at when the ground is uneven.

He sat down for dinner in his high chair and promptly had milk in his sippy cup (which he looks at me like I'm silly as he likes water in his sippy cup and milk in a bottle), sweet potato, some chicken, followed by cheese, pear, puffs, cracker, banana and when finished he said cookie -which is a piece of rice cake. I just watched in awe as this wee two and half feet wee lad just shoveled it all in. Obviously using more since he is walking but don't you wish you had that metabolism. I look at a cracker and the calories have been ingested by my eyes

My theory is that there's an alternative universe and that alter twin of mine in that universe is losing a ton of weight and I keep bloody finding it...

Maybe I just need to be 14 months again and running around amazed at the world of opening and closing drawers..


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