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Sunday, November 23, 2008


So heres wee man with the other two kids at his daycare. You can see how much he loves it and loved getting these photos from them. Classic. There was such an age gap when he started - he couldnt sit up, roll over at the start and now hes toddling around and delights running around showing me everything when I pick him up. He adores the other two kids as well as the older teenager children of the wonderful lady who takes care of them. I think if he could set up a website as a fan of their 12 yr old son he would. Anyway - its because they are so great that I go to work and home from work a little less guilty for being a Mum that works away from the home. Although I think my job is a lot easier than the home one. Seriously - I get paid to talk on the phone as an Irish person. How hard is that!

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