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Sunday, November 23, 2008

water !

So took wee man and hubbie today with friends of ours to San Jose Childrens Discovery Muesum. He LOVED it! As soon as we were inside he ran over to a crank that generates electricity to power a small dolls house nad an airplane overhead. (Obviously no live wires for kids to touch !)He was sqealing with joy at all the stuff he could touch, watch and play with. The sections are set up great so theres some activites for toddlers and infants so they get a go away from older children. We left the water tables to last as figured this way change him on way home. He was having such a good time playing with the spouts and fountains of water. He already runs to the water fountains as it is shouting wahwah so now they'll be a favorite! Although I can see that today it clicked for him that you drink at the water fountains and after all the climbing and running he did, he was a thirsty boy!

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