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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

thanksgiving feasts

So Thanksgiving is a holiday that I obviously didn't grow up with not being American. (Although would surprise you how many folks ask me is Thanksgiving the same in Ireland...seriously!) I tell them we celebrate as hard as we can for a normal Thursday..

Anyway Thanksgiving for me is a time to be thankful for family, for 4 day weekend and to eat meals that remind me of Christmas in Ireland but none of the other parts...

This year we decided to keep in low key and I decided not to cook a big dinner or host one. We had got a free turkey from the nice folks at Safeway week before and since we don't have freezer room (ahem freezer is full as there's a siege coming soon!), I decided to cook it and we had a big turkey week before Thanksgiving.

So Thanksgiving day (and the other 3 days!) I got to sleep in till 10am. Wonderful hubbie! I'd get up at 6-7 feed wee lad and then pop back to bed and he would get up with Gandalf and Mammy me got to have a couple of hours more sleep yeah! So Thursday we went to Effies our local restaurant and had a great dinner (lamp chops) and a lovely relaxing at home night.

Then Friday we went to our friends Audrey where she had at least 30 people over and cooked - a Turkey (size of an ostrich really!), lamb, pork, salmon, cranberry salad and more delights. It was wonderful and the company even better although a tight call as the food was that good!

The best was wee man chasing their dog butter who is a huge yellow lab and well named as butter in nature. Wee man shrieked when he saw him and said Kitty Cat which we laughed and said nope its a doggy and then he would run after the dog saying oof ooof. The dog was that bigger that when he walked away from wee man wagging his tail he knocked wee lad over.. He had a ball and was so happy.

I can only imagine what hes going to do to poor Gram and Grandpas doggies in Florida over New Years. They have a toy and miniature Yorkshire - like one is 4 pounds and the other is 10 pounds and our lad is 26 pounds... Should be interesting..

So hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving for those who celebrate and for those who don't hope you had a wonderful well Thursday!


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