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Sunday, December 07, 2008


So Friday night we got to go to the pub while wee man was at the Y. We love the Y. For folks like us who have no local family or who know a ton of babysitters, the Y is great for that once a month and after the day I had Friday at work I needed it. We also ran into our friend Isobel in the pub as well. Was great to see her and relax some. Wee man had a pretty good time. He got grouchy for a wee while but when I went in he was rocking in a bouncer and clapping his hands. So he had a grand time and so did we.

Saturday we went to music class and loved it. Wee Gandalf had so much fun and really got into all the songs. There was a wee boy about age 9 and he kept running over to him shrieking topher (Christopher - the son of lady who takes care of him and who wee man ADORES!). So I said its not Christopher its a boy - and he ran over - boy boy boy!

Then we did our Saturday thing and went to a few open houses. One was OK but I got a weird sense from the owner. It was a backup one that himself had thought might be OK if we didn't see another one.

Then the last one was great, needs some work in kitchen but looks great so we put an offer in. We'll find out this week hopefully if we get it. Fourth times a charm right!

However when we were filling out paperwork I took a look at Megan's law website on a gut feeling and the one we are putting an offer in is fine - seems to be a pretty clear area, the one with the weird man that we saw earlier though - turns out that was a reported sex offender. Not even just that street - it was that house and that owner, so wont be putting an offer in that house anyway. I'm glad that they have the Megan's Law site - I know that the reported offense isn't always the full story but rather know than not know.

Anyway we don't know till next week if our offer will be accepted but it has us watching DIY channel all Sunday. I've discovered that you can put granite tiles in at lower cost to a kitchen that looks lovely but lot cheaper than granite slab. How to grout various tiles and that kitchen remodels are very expensive and we may be doing more of a surface job if we do get that house to start. So cross fingers and toes for us that we are fortunate enough to have our offer accepted. Of course would be a mad dash before holidays with inspections etc but lets hope we get it!

So nice Sunday with us at church in the morning and cleaning the house in afternoon. I cleaned three of the rooms but office is still too scary! Have a great week and this week we're putting up the decorations. Tree went up last night and we're doing it in stages. Wee man is still a bit baffled why theres a tree in the kitchen...


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