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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Been a while

Been a while since got to blogging. Mainly it's because I'm now in
front of a computer 8 to 530 and when I come home and play with
munchkin, fed him and we have dinner then get him ready for bed, I'm
too tired to go into the office to blog. So let's see how emailing
will work instead!

So lots happening since I was blogging. Nothing came of the short sale
house we put offer on. The one Saturday afternoon our broker had us
see a house. Himself saw it it morning and worried I wouldn't like the
wood den. I hate wood paneling but this was no Brady bunch room. They
had converted the sun room/patio into a beautiful sunny room with
honey wood walls. Nearly like a cabin but with so many windows you
can't help but feel sunny as soon as you go in. So we put offer on
that and now it's ours.

With that extra bonus room you then get a library room or as himself
called it a parlor up front. The all wooden floors leading you to the
4 bedrooms and hallway bathroom.

The kitchen is bright and open. We are repainting right now. It's
amazing what changing the color of the walls will do. I'm sure the
luminescent blue and green walls were good in someones world. Just not

So we closed escrow on Friday and it's ours. We in our geek mode use
google docs and a spreadsheet to track the progress. We were blessed
meeting Julian the handyman who is amazing and now we have a lovely
laminate kitchen floor and his painters are showing what some polish
can do to our rough diamond.

I of course am on freecycle mode. We found a lawnmower unused that a
family didn't want. The hubbie there had insisted on getting it saying
they would get rid of their gardener. A year later it comes to us
after never kissing any of their grass blades. Was interesting
getting it over to the house but well worth it. We are on a 7000 sq
lot so we have to make sure we have a mower.

Yelp has also been our friend. The garage door is busted and pretty
broken. After seeing Ron's reviews for garage door guy in our are we
gave him a call. Wonderful guy and well deserving of the reviews. So a
new garage door goes in next week shiny and white and half the cost of
home depot or sears.

Craigslist find yesterday was a hot tub. The folks who own it are
getting a new one they can also swim in. Seriously. The house they
lived in was built at time of winchester mystery house. Amazing and
old. The folks who had come before us were there for the free glass
doors. He will transport tub for us to new abode and himself is
planning a zen type relaxing area side of the house for the tub and us.

We needed appliances like a fridge, microwave, washer and dryer. We
started hunting for those when we got news from our friend Ciara. Her
hubbie got a job in Seattle and they were moving to there in January.
She needed rid of her appliances so we got them all in one batch. This
way she can keep them till end January as her main furniture already
gone but still cook etc for the kids.

I will miss having her so near but in good fortune she will be working
remote for the hotel still a sales so will come down once every couple
of months.

We also got lucky in meeting two new babysitters. The YMCA no longer
suits our wee lad. He needs to be in bed by 8 and it's easier to have
someone here after he is already down. Not that we are out galavanting
but a friends daugther was laid off and she is a grand packer so has
been coming over and helping with him and packing books.

We are getting movers to help us after we pack some, we have too much
heavy furniture and after having movers last three moved it's too easy
to see why we would pay them. We still plan for our cleaners to come
clean still at new house and do massive clean of this one. We have
been here 4 yrs and best landlords ever but nice to have own home
that's not white walls and landlord beige carpet. We first moved into
this house while dating, got engaged and married while here , then had
our wonderful baby boy so it holds many memories for us but more
excitment is around the corner.

Including my folks coming in Monday for 5 days on their way to New
Zealand. So this leg out be staying here in old apt and leg back we
should be in our new one :)


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