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Monday, February 09, 2009

Nearly there

So this weekend brought a lovely night with friends Thursday followed by of course work Friday that came too early and was super busy all day. Thankfully I had that glass of water and headache tablets before bed so I could get up on too little sleep and lots of wine.

Friday friends came over with their wee 8 month old. They also came bringing wonderful Indian food food from Amber. They offered before you think we go, yes come to our house and bring food on the way!

Saturday brought munchkin for a haircut , his first (my trimming one fringe or bangs as they say here doesn't really count). The hairdressers was a cool kids salon with small TV and motorbike, horse or car to sit on. Wee lad sat on my lap as a bit afraid. Once she started though he was fine. He loves having hair brushed (really!) and she was great. She put toys on ground when she needed to trim his neck. I was super impressed. It's shorter but the duck tail at back
and Mohawk look is gone from front. He really doesn't have a ton of hair except those two places;). Good experience and after that we went to music class for our sing songs.

Himself also had a busy day. Over at the house he met a friend helping us with plumbing who fixed the hot and cold mixing (that would have been a shock on showering without that), comcast, electrician friend of ours who put in extra plugs ( hot tub!), the carpet guys,
baseboard guys, and touch up painter guys. All like herding cats. Empire was also supposed to turn up for showing blinds. After cancelling again after rescheduling we said forget it and went to good old Target. We walked out with new rugs, curtains and assortment of stuff. The kind of bill the credit card company calls to make sure it was you. It was and hopefully economy can now turn around! We hit flames before going home. A brighter diner. Food is great but not same service as Effies. However right beside new house so easier drop off said rugs and drapes.

We all then fell into bed and Sunday thankfully had no big plans. We packed boxes here and there. Himself's coworkers brought more boxes to help us pack and pack we did. There's more of course to pack but now we are getting in home stretch. We move this weekend and carpet
cleaners and our cleaning ladies all ready to do a move in clean and move out clean.

I tried getting up hour earlier today to go bring over plants etc to new house but kept hitting snooze. Maybe after work ;) Now only if I could clone myself and could make sure all gets done.


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