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Friday, May 01, 2009

What ya been doing?

So we move into our new house. With most of the boxes in garage.
Referred to after as Gotham City, my folks come back from 5 week trip
around NZ and my Dad has made friends with some hot air balloon guy
and brings back a large bottle of NZ bootleg whiskey. Except it's not
bootleg as NZ let's you brew whiskey for your own use. Well
considering how lovely country is but how unpopulated not surprising.
Now comparing theirs to Irish bootleg whiskey known as Poteen, no
comparison. Poteen can strip wallpaper off walls by accident while
this was smooth according to folks my Da pretty much made drink at a
wee housewarming.

Few days later we were off to Ireland. Longest 10 hour flight ever I
thought but that was before flight back. Wee man slept 3/4 hours but
that still leaves you with 6/7 hours to entertain him in an area that
you can't move yourself, never mind with an 18month old. Seriously
we'll go back when he can watch a 3 hr DVD. Non stop.
Perhaps age 7!

So getting us all on Irish time was also mad as everyone came to my
Mams. Like 10 kids and 12 adults in same house for a stay. Then wee
man who went to bed at 8 normally like here woke up at 12am and was
WIDE awake till 5. Wanting to play ad his clock said was time to be
awake in CA. Took 3 days before we all had a night sleep. We escaped
to Belfast and my sister very nicely gave us her whole house and we
all slept a very needed catch up.

Then we headed off to the Giants causeway where Fionn Mc Cool fought
the giant. Was windy cold and raining sideways. We ate meals as big
as our heads and waited till the rain dried off. Magical walk.


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