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Monday, March 02, 2009

ah you will ya will ya will

Fr Ted fans might recognize quote above. If you haven't seen the series then get to netflicks now or itunes and download. Very funny and a comedy classic..

Anyway - where's my head, oh yes, barely attached to my shoulders. Why - well we moved right, and we have a garage full of boxes right.. and then Saturday morning we tried to do two music classes back to back as make up session. Wee man pulled at me to door Saturday morning - Mama go you you - which is baby talk for Mama go music class as you you you is his favorite song that we sing at the class, mainly because it has no no no words in it as well which of course is a 18 month old mantra.. I think they have to learn that first or get kicked out of toddlerhood.
We do the music classes through our local community center http://www.musictogether.com/
and music together runs the classes. Wonderful program, wee lad laps it all up and teaches rhythm and tone - not just the usual fare.

Normally Gandalf is all about the class - he likes the songs but hates the getting up in a circle with scarf songs. I don't know why - but he prefers to be held for those ones. Maybe its not the color scarfs he likes. Anyway - teacher this class finished song and wee man eagerly ran up to give her back the scarf. He loves giving back the instruments or putting away and getting braver about doing it with other kids running around. Of course this would be the one class she said hold on to scarves as doing another song with them. Wee man was confused why she wouldn't take back and two other kids just burst into tears as they couldn't hand back scarves.. Teacher - once a routine is there - lets hold onto it... Anyway wasn't the best class he had as playing songs I noticed he doesn't like that much and he kept singing you you you asking teacher to play it. Thankfully shes a very nice young lady and during break of two classes played it on the CD player. He was done though after one class and 15 minutes into other one we left.

Then we went to old apt for walk through of old apt. Everything was spotless but kitchen floor which had burn marks on it. They had gave me a fright during week telling me it was $1900 for kitchen floor which was insane since the stove was very dodgy (like it went on fire when we boiled water and if you put on 2 burners and tried to say use tea kettle everything would blow) they even had landlord over fixing 5 times including Christmas lunchtime as blew out everything in whole house before we had 9 people coming for dinner in an hour..... Its a stove that fits the custom width and seems they don't make it any more. Its a bit nutty as everything else was brand new, fridge, freezer, microwave, carpets and landlords were fantastic. So thankfully misunderstanding and we said go ahead use deposit to replace the floor. It was damaged beyond repair and more than wear and tear and fairs fair - was a brand new floor although hopefully now he can use Julian our super floor guy and get a lot cheaper for them. We got placed cleaned and carpets all spotless. Himself just has to get the humming bird feeder. My Dad must have spent 3 hours one day when they were there one time taking photos of the humming birds outside the door. So another chapter closed in our lives.

The Saturday afternoon picked up my folks on their way back from New Zealand. So they got to help us pack from old place and now in new place they got to relax. We used the hot tub for first time Saturday night - hello scalded chickens! Yep was a bit too hot but will be nice once we figure out the lets not boil our skin feature...

Sunday himself and my Dad popped over to Frys to buy adaptors for trip since ours are in Gotham Garage - that's what we are calling the garage now with its skyscraper boxes... God knows whats in there. Garage of doom.. Hopefully we can empty by December. That's my new year resolution - several months later..

Then the men hopped to Burlington Coat Factory and got new curtains for our front room. Very nice and really makes the room. Kudos to my co-worker Marcia for suggesting the place. Shes like having your own nicer version of Martha Stewart next to you and also my workout buddy. She keeps me honest and home design tips as well. Everyone needs a Marcia in their lives..

So myself and my Mum hit Safeway as we had a mini housewarming. Great craic with 16 folks coming over and 5 kids and mine there. Dad shared the moonshine that the hot air balloon guy had made (in New Zealand its legal to make your own). So anyone who tried to leave he said you have to try this with ya will ya will ya will. Several folks had coats on ready to leave and ended up staying there another two hours. We had great night but sure all a bit tender this morning. Mine is more from lack of sleep as I was smart enough to not try the moonshine..

So off we go to Ireland in two days. Now we just need to pack. (insert maniacal laughter here...) Mam and Dad are out shopping for list of stuff folks want brought back. With my Mam shopping its more like - oh don't throw me into the briar patch there Mr fox.. No great hardship and now she also wants to go to Burlington coat factory as my Dad had mentioned was a bit like mervyns.. She's still sad it closed down...

So a busy weekend but very nice to share our new house with family and friends. I can see a no alcohol rule though until we hit Ireland. Between the moonshine and new keg we are feeling our livers loved a bit too tender...


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