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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

City of boxes

So Friday we moved. Unlike other times (this would be 15th move since I came to states 15 years ago) we had wonderful help from daughter of our friend. She needed more work, we needed help. Things happen for a reason. So Thursday I worked at home and she needed some more work so she came over and packed packed packed. It was brilliant as I had ton of work so couldn't take day off with taking Friday as well.

As it as I still worked till 1030 with hubby going ahem we move tomorrow. Can you stop please. I had forgotten how hard it is to switch off when working at home. Cubicles get a bad rap but at least stay there after you leave.

So Friday I got up at 6 and did last minute packing. Movers came at 9 and were done by 3 moving into house. I got them off Yelp and they were worth every penny and deserved the positive reviews they got. Excellent movers and none of this we are charging you extra for putting clingwrap around your vacuum cleaner nonsense. All included.

So they moved furniture in and worked like a dervish to have baby's room all done and den so seemed as normal as possible to him. Picked up munchkin and he had a brilliant time running around. So we put more rugs down so not as much slipping when doing that toddler full charge;) there's a step down to den that's carpeted and I was worried would take him a while to get it. Now he steps down holding shelves and then side of a chair. Smart wee man. We got curtains but need to darken his room more. Sun shines straight into both our bedrooms. Wonderful light, just not at 6am please.

So garage is a sea of boxes, looking like a city of skyscrapers in which we have two paths to get in and to get to side door and washer dryer. Sunday we got a quarter done and trying to do a box or so a night.

Murphy's law being what it is we pick boxes of third drawer down to unpack so every third box is one we might need. Still haven't found baby's socks so target new ones will do for now.

If anyone wants to help unpack more than welcome;) till them we are finding our stuff one box at a time


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