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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

wet and laughing

So at Childrens discovery Museum. Had a blast and last thing we did as I learnt from last time is the water area last. Gandalf was soaked from head to toe including his socks in his shoes and loving it! He also discovered how to spray the water so him and a fellow toddler kept spraying each other laughing. The other parents kept running in with paper towel on kids face and it was like watching them rearrange deck chairs on titanic. Dry at the end folks not in between. We had a brilliant day and its also right beside flight path of airport so when you come out you can see large planes landing - which is magic for a boy who shouts AirPlane Airplane! Which is ironic how much he loves them after our long long did I say long flight to Ireland and back but thats another blog folks..

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At 4:35 PM, Blogger Angoraknitter said...

Oh he's getting so big now! Say that looks like a lot of fun too!


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