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Monday, October 05, 2009

Appointments Appointments

So today saw Ob-Gyn who is so so lovely. All is well. 25 and half weeks down and 14 to go!

Then accupuncture afterwards which really helps my SPD and my general feeling of Yeah less pain

I also had to make appointments for glucose testing tomorrow. I know hubbie is hoping I pass, just so he doesn't have to listen to my rant of how horrible and what a con the diabetes specialist folks are. Here's hoping!

Then made a dentist appt for me, a dentist appt for wee lad.

Seeing accupuncture lady again this week and Physical therapy Friday. Thankfully for now that's still just once a week.

Then made another appt to see surgeon for follow up appt next week to check on her fantastic work taking the softball lipoma out of my arm.

Made a follow up appt with pregnancy specialist as per ob-gyn request for 4 weeks time

Then my primary care called me and she wants to see me re H1N1 aka swine flu shot. She doesn't have it but I have to go see her they said which baffles me but I will.

Finally made appt for spa guy to come out and repair drip on hot tub

I'm so over making and going for appointments


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