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Sunday, November 18, 2007

packing for everest

So nobody could ever accuse me of packing light. I normally bring everything and then some. My clothes for going away is pile of maybes, pile of maybe maybes and pile of maybe maybe or sure what the hell.

Well - now we're all kinda packed for 2 weeks in Ireland for myself, himself and the wee one. Its actually quite good as I don't really care what I am bringing for myself, more about getting everything and all the stuff we're bringing home for our secret Santa, the kids, pressies and all the stuff we think we will need over 2 weeks. And luckily for us my Mum has the car seat, crib, bought diapers etc so we're covered. So 4 check in bags and 2 carry on - with 2 of check in large and 2 smaller.

Our plane bag has two-three change of clothes for baby and me as although he hasn't spat up like that in a while, also never brought him on a plane... Bought a yoga strap to help me carry the boppy, have him in a moby wrap on me, himself wearing ergo carrier and that should hopefully do us for plane. I haven't a clue about jet lag on baby. Will he sleep normally soon? Hope so or could be a LONG LONG ass trip if we are awake every night...

So might be a week or so till I blog again. Looking forward to showing himself the Ireland parts he didn't get to see last time like the Tara and Ardaigh Chalice in museum..

Have a good week folks

Friday, November 16, 2007

hanging out with Da..

Hanging out with is Daddy or Da last week - Thats Zelda in background on the telly.. Fionns got the staring down very well now. Hes got a very intense stare when hes concentrating. Look at that furrow brow..

sign of the times

When we were young played trains, buses, pirate ship and even mass (using bread cut up as holy communion...)

My Mum was taking care of Fionas kids last week and played bus with them which didn't last long before playing X factor which is UKs version of American Idol. My nieces and nephew all sang and warbled. Even my 2 yr old nephew who shouted his bob the builder song at top lung capacity...

My Mum even voted them off, no pushover this Granny. Kids loved it so much they asked their Aunt Orla to play it again next day and she video taped them using her camera and put it on the telly..

Where have the skipping ropes gone?

full house

So off to Ireland on Sunday for two weeks..

And next weekend then my brother Col coming over from London with Caz and Megan their daughter who I haven't met yet who is a year old, Fiona coming down with Paul from Belfast with their 4 kids :-), Orla coming up with James and their two kids and I haven't met Eoin their wee one either and Gra and Chris coming in from West Meath and we're all staying at my Mum and Dads house in Donaghmede with me, Jan and Fionn.

So 12 adults and 8 children under age of 8....

My parents also got their attic converted in August so more bedrooms - otherwise was the three bedrooms (and one is a small boxroom as they call them) and whatever floor space you could get and one bathroom. Now theres two which is fantastic. When we all moved out you'd think that they need less space but then we went off and multiplied and come back with the brood...

I'm sure Saturday night our place will be fun. We're a loud fun group and our own gang by sheer numbers... Only one missing is Maeve and her boyfriend Warren who are now in New Zealand after trekking around South America for 12 or so weeks. Told her I'd have some Mums Irish Stew to make up for her not being there as its her fav. Me - I cant wait to make coleslaw sandwich on real decent bread... Jans looking forward to Dunnes stores and clothes shopping :-)

Fionn's mates

his gang isnt that big at moment but here they are Bear above age 1, Fionnog with his Mammy Tanya to right age 8 months and Sarah below who's 3 weeks younger than Fionn.. Only Sarah seems to have any hair at the moment..

Irish Mammys

So in Ireland its called your Mammy, Mam and Mum, here its your Mommy and in UK your Mother, Mum and Mummy..

Also noticed a difference as well. When American Mommys get together - they all talk about the children, babies and seems all about the kids. And if they speak about themselves its in relation to the kids. I didn't get any sleep etc etc. Or where they got clothes etc. (speaking of which saw a pair of 3 month baby jeans in mall - $375 ! bloody stupid but that's another post)

Irish Mammys - well so far I noticed and I seem to remember from home as well, when the Irish Mammys meet up its all about the craic (irish word for fun), a good natter, chatting about nearly everything else but the wee kids. The kids are mentioned occasionally but more about the adults. We like having adult conversation again.

Its not a 100% rule but seems to be more the rule than not. Is it just me or do folks here seem more obsessed re their kids. Don't get me wrong - love mine to bits but still like chatting to folks every now and again who I don't have to wipe their chins.....

warnings for bras

I got a new type bra - they call them comfy bras. What it means is they arent as supportive as your typical over the shoulder boulder holder. Or in my case the crane...

So it said for everyday wear. So wore it to REI under my top. What it doesnt tell you is that your boobs are unlikely to actually stay in the bra.. 5 minutes of wearing it and i felt my right arm jostling against something under my top. Yep was my right boob making an escape and trying to go under my armpit...

They should really come with a warning label. Your boobs may attempt to escape this bra and precautions should be taken... We are not responsible for any damage done by swinging escaped boobs...

yeti feet..

Its official, I have man feet...

So brought back a pair of shoes to REI as when I got home and tried on with socks, weren't as comfy as I thought.

Now before the baby, I'll admit to having shoes that weren't that comfy. Well that has gone out the window. When you're standing so long and picking up and down you need to make sure those canal barges on end of your legs are well taken care of. Not that I even wore high heels. You cant be as large chested as I am and wear high heels. Gravity works way too well and you end up on your snot most of the time. Maybe a good block kind of heel, with a weight tied on your back to keep you upright, but I digresss...

So brought back and got a pair of crocs mary jane style so narrower than the typical smurf ones. Crocs are comfy but lets face it very smurf looking.. So then asked the assistant to get me pair of shoes, slip on (don't have time to do laces, plus I like just slipping on shoes) and in wide. Several shoes later we ran out of women's shoes to try on. I know its not a shoe store being REI a hiking outdoor store but still, kind of depressing. Pre-pregnancy I had a wide foot but still pretty petite at size 7-71/2 - then got bigger last year at 8- now I'm a 9.

So I said - well lets try the men's shoes. They're wider right? The assistant said well yep but might not have styles you like. Well I borrow hubbies shoes sometimes to run out and get the mail and his are way comfy! So he brought over two pairs and loved the first.

So its official I have man feet. Nice thing is its my hubbies size so we can now borrow each others shoes..

Thursday, November 15, 2007

my first Library book

Returning our library books back before we go - here's Fionn with his first library book. Called Yo Vikings... thought it was apt...
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Monday, November 12, 2007

snoozing at pilates

so after a hard workout session at Mummy and me Pilate's, what I like to do is have a quick power nap. OK my contribution was staying awake and looking around for 20 minutes before deciding I needed a nap and crying but that's what you get from top drawer athletes..
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look how big I got

Posted by Picasabefore and after 10 weeks..

12 weeks

Himself played Zelda on the wii yesterday. At least wasn't too strenuous. We got my brother Colin a wii for his 30th bday this year and he had to take a nap after playing boxing. seriously..

Fionn just picked up on the huge visuals on the large TV and was protesting to his Dad when he couldn't see them.. 12 weeks an already a TV addict.. They are some nice visuals though in game, and best commentary from Daddy - that's me in wolf form, look now I warped to somewhere else, and that's a big spider monster and that's a fish.. Don't worry folks he doesn't have a remote control and most of time for feeding he chills with me in other room with my hard to see small TV.. Good excuse not to get a big one for our room.

Sat him in front of the pooh bears again. He really likes the pooh book as the pictures are quite big. He's quite big himself now - did a big stretch of growing last week. I find out how much he weighs now tomorrow - my guess is 14 half pounds which is big for 12 weeks. Best thing is how interested he is in world - looking around - starting to bring things to his mouth to explore them.

He was quite a narky poos Friday and Saturday with a thrush infection. He hates the meds but is a lot calmer about it afterwards. Poor lads mouth and bum were sore with it but at moment we have it on the run. Last time he got this was growth spurt week, don't know if related but will see next time.

Busy week last week - we went to first birthday party for Bear on Saturday, Sunday took a bath and went to park, Pilate's first time Monday, Tuesday Ciara and her baby Sarah came over and Tanya and her baby Fionnog for the day, Wednesday we went to San Francisco at 7 am and then stopped by Therese a friend from Irish Network who gave me some great baby gear. Thursday off to Ciaras with Tanya to have lunch there ( Ciaras on a cooking kick and cooked lunch for us Tuesday as well!), Friday we chilled but then went to Zazzle for their lunch2.0 meeting (or afterwards by time we got there). Fionn cried half time there and all time back poor wee thing. We went for a walk Saturday morning to pick up breakfast for me and himself. And then chilled at home as he was just having off day. Sunday then went to Prince of Peace church where they welcomed us as members and off to Effies for lunch before relaxing at home. Whewww - imagine when he actually gets enrolled in things like the gym!

This week its Pilates again today - bring back library books, tomorrow breast feeding group. Wednesday new Mummies group, then chiro appointment in afternoon where wonderful friend Susan is coming with me so she can hold Fionn while I get adjusted, then that night my hair done, then Thursday a chill day at home waiting for UPS man and PostMan with all stuff folks have asked me to bring home to Ireland. Its a sign of the times that it used to be Levi jeans and clinque beauty stuff and now its memory cards for cameras and video games.. Then Friday physical therapy while Daddy takes care of munchkin for that 8am visit and then Friday lunchtime meeting new Mummy for lunch... Saturday pack and Sunday fly to Ireland for 10 hrs on plane..

could do with rest now...
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Tuesday, November 06, 2007


small things can mean a lot

like your baby taking a bath where he smiles instead of screams blue murder (Sunday yeah!)

like the first time he really seems to see himself in a mirror - last night chillin on sofa with Mammy

like the first time he really looks at that cube toy and smiles because he reaches out and he manages to grab a rattle- this morning

Like first time you take him to pilates for Mummy and baby class and he lies on a mat for 20 minutes looking all around (yesterday afternoon)

like your hubbie taking the baby for 2 hrs on a Saturday and a Sunday so you can sleep those few extra hours (thank you Hubbie!)

This post has been brought to you by my hubbie who gave me the gift of sleep - I'll take that over flowers any day!

Friday, November 02, 2007


Fionn and his new blankie that he loves now cuddling - we got it as a shower gift so now I have to go out and find more just in case for travelling !
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Downtown Campbell Halloween

Campbell had the wee downtown and heres me and Fionn - hes hanging out in the sling looking very Zen.. It was nice and Fleecy so he was all toasty and warm :-)
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zazzle halloween

We went to visit Daddy at his job :-) Dad was a Indie rocker from MySpace... Apt with the new Zazzle and MySpace Partnership. I - well I got to wear my Tiara and my cloak... The princess outfit I had on other week was too hot to drive in and we had just been at New Mummys group at good Sam so I threw this in the car !

Halloween and Yoda :-)

Fionn Was Yoda for Halloween. You know your age group when the kids asked if he was Shrek and I was princess Fiona .. guess star wars wasnt as big this time around !