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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Wanna buy a copier

mini sculture of himself on the copier :-)

mini himself

I got a photo sculpture of himself done through Zazzle when they launched. So much fun I am having. Here it is on my cell phone. Its mini-hubbie

Genius niece

OK most folks think their nieces and nephews are precious and wonderful but here's one of mine that's already trying to play piano.

I note that none of our family have this ability (hopefully our future sprogs will get that ability from himself.) Caz who's Megans Mum and my sister in law plays the violin so we're thinking coming from her. Megans 4 months old and doesn't bang at the piano, she plays one key at a time. Which in itself is remarkable. My brother Col is a proud daddy.

They say she looks like me when I was that age, but honestly I think its the bald thing.. Hopefully she'll get more hair than I did. I was bald till I was 2...

Monday, October 30, 2006

All hallows eve

So at a great Halloween party on Saturday night in San Francisco where himself and meself hung out with Emily, Coleen, Sarah and her man Stephen. I went as Medusa and Jan was a Roman Senator.

We had great craic and stayed overnight then at pickwick hotel, great wee place off 5th and mission that's very nicely done up inside and very comfortable beds that's not that expensive. Be staying there again. Thankfully the clocks went back so we got an extra hour in the morning to recover. Which was needed when we dragged ourselves back to the hotel at 3am with a nice lift from Emily after 3 bottles of red wine and nice dinner and dancing.

Then we met with Alicia and Ranga for Brunch at Pomelowho are off to India this week for 5 weeks lucky sods ;-) Pomelo is one of himselfs fav places in his old kicking about ground of San Fran. Great food and great company. We then saw their new place and then lazily drove back home and did some errands before I caught up on my latest addiction which is Veronica Mars. Catching up on this wee addictive program through our local DVD rental place.

Also we made plans for Thanksgiving weekend - Himself is taking us to Utah to go see the Red desert. I'm really looking forward to it as its always been a place I wanted to see. I wish we could also stay in town and have dinner with folks as well but there's always so much to do and not enough vacation time to do it in. We need to move to Europe just for that reason alone....

Happy Halloween folks. Its the Celtic New Year so party like its New Year :-)

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Pooh of Borg

This guy made a Pooh Borg for his friend. How cool is that !

Link to his site where he explains how he assimilated a Pooh Bear from Toys r Us

Thursday, October 19, 2006


So I designed a new apron on Zazzle - a pooh borg bear apron - resistance to my cooking is futile ;-)

So Zazzle has all new products so of course himself has been there nearly a month solid working every hour to get them all up and going with the ZUI gang. The sites fantastic though. Now theres aprons, pins, hats, bags and lots of more fun stuff coming = great for xmas pressies - very personalized stuff


Tuesday, October 10, 2006

gotta love eBay

So got my medusa skull cap in mail. (Not this one but ya get the idea) Gotta love eBay ! Pics come later but this may bloody be a great costume ! Figure look like this in the morning so not a huge leap for costume and dig out some of my burning man costumes as well for the clothes..

I pick up a humidifer for cpap machine Thursday (also got a manual off ebay so I can do my own settings and got himself some cool AJAX stuff too. Turns out that a humidifer is a good thing and may stop the head pounding headaches and dry stuffed nose thats happening. So guess I will have to be good re changing the water so I dont get legionaries... Theres always a flip side isnt there ;-)

If anyone is also near Saratoga in sunny California - very very worth while checking out
Where we had dinner Sunday night for himselfs birthday. I thought he was going to faint eating the warm chocolate cake and I was happily noshing the lamb and then the rosemary creme boule - amazing amazing food. The chef is listed as one of five top chefs under 35 in Bay Area and its not hard to see why. He was on the cover of Wave magazine in April.
The Wave: Top Five Chefs Under 35 [April 19, 2006]
They're young, they're talented, they're successful, and they eat really, really well.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Halloween Humor

Himself and myself were in the Halloween store while we waited for my eye test appointment. Got himself a costume and mines on way thanks to Ebay. We saw this picture and loved it and bought it to hang up at home for our decorations. Its our sense of humor. That and it was $3. Happy pre-Halloween folks

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Problems Seeing 3D

So yesterday myself and himself went and looked at new specs. I've had same ones over 5 years and just had the prescription changed twice as I like the frames so much and got a few nice compliments on them. So yesterday found a nice pair that are different from mine and looking forward to getting them. Had to do another eye test as last one was a few years ago. Pearle Vision tests are quite comprehensive and they had me test field of vision and then the 3D test.

So Doc asks me can you see the flys wings sticking out at you (kind of leading question to be sure .. But anyway) I couldn't. I also couldn't see the dot that was raised in each group no matter which way they presented it. Finally got me a pair of special 3D black glasses that let me see the fly wings (and then of course it was like how could I have missed them !) but no joy on seeing the special dot raised.. Seems I have problems seeing 3D.

So turns out I have problems with my binocular vision and seeing 3D - nothing major and not much they can do but makes a hell of a lot of sense for anyone who has ever seen me try to play tennis or any other eye to hand coordination ball game. Doc said that yep it would effect me in things like playing ball games etc. So there goes my airforce pilot job ;-)

As a kid in Ireland all the girls played this game where you throw a small bouncy ball size of a tennis ball against a wall. Tricks were to throw two and keep them going and have you turn around etc and all these fancy things. Very common for playing in your doorway outside your house. The only thing I could do is throw the ball and have it hit me in the head...

So I sent a text to my mate Mo - letting her know my reason for being so crap at PE all those years (I got a B for trying real hard with no natural ability whatsoever) and i got a text back pretty quickly

Nope you're just crap at sports

Friends gotta love the honesty...

check your own 3D vision here

Friday, October 06, 2006

11 hours of Real Sleep :-)

I got my new machine yesterday ! Its so small and tiny compared to the big one I got 4 yrs ago. I like the pulmonary specialists that I went to also yesterday. The respiratory therapist had me in a recliner trying the mask on with machine and letting me go side to side to see what was comfortable. Big change compared to Aprias 15 in a room and I'm sure the mask will fit you no need to try it on ... The therapist said that she's found that my old mask wasn't a good fit for women as often our nose bridge is too high.

I went home and pretty much went to bed at 7pm. I found it a bit difficult to sleep with new mask and also it was 7... so took two Tylenol PM to try and knock me out. Himself came in at 730 and I said goodnight and off I went to sleep. I woke up at 1am just before he came to bed and I was still in same position ! Yeah ! Yeah ! I drifted back to sleep and remember waking twice when I decided to go on my other side and back but all in all it shows I had 11 hours of sleep with the mask before I got up at 730am. Nose is a bit dry but fine. I don't think I'll use the humidifier as I know I'll be a lazy bum and not clean it daily or use distilled water etc and I have enough without getting legionaries disease..

That's a first for me to have 11 hours with the mask and machine. My last record was 3 hrs a few years ago. I must say I do feel much better. My heads a bit groggy from the sleeping pills I'm sure but I don't feel sick tired like I have of late. I'm so bloody excited ! So tonight will try and use no pills.

Sleep - the gift that keeps on giving...

Thursday, October 05, 2006

fashion week

yep - this is what everyone will be wearing next year. the new semi borg look...

That makes sense

Yeah ! Yeah ! Tomorrow I go and get a new cpap mask and machine. Test went as well can be expected when they stick a tube up nose and down throat and say go asleep and we'll be watching you..... Its the same as one in the picture. Doesn't it look like an Alien mouth breather from Star Trek?

The medical company also said that the cpap machine I was looking at isn't that good and have another small travel one that's better for me. I did much better than expected on test in that I kept the mirage swift pillow mask on for most of night and my apnea is better with it. So heres to hopefully getting proper sleep.

Been so bad this week that when I ran into some usual work difficulties of getting some paperwork through today, which is a typical Xox thing- (I am shocked in a side note that they sell anything with the hoops and performing monkeys needed to get a lease paperwork through) ..

Well anyway doing a difficult lease and trying to coordinate a few departments when I ran into a brick wall so I burst into tears on phone trying to talk to the rep.

Even as I was doing that 5 yr old kind of cry the one where you try and talk through the sobbing and and and and... You get the idea - back of my mind I was saying - Sinead what are you doing - this isn't something to cry over, this is just a work bump and not a big deal.

My brain is screaming out for sleep - a night of uninterrupted sleep where my brain doesn't go - hey lets wake up 75 times in one hour and not let you sleep

Sleep deprivation is still used for torture I heard. I can understand why. Right now I hope we don't get any telemarketers call.. I may cry them away..