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Sunday, October 08, 2006

Problems Seeing 3D

So yesterday myself and himself went and looked at new specs. I've had same ones over 5 years and just had the prescription changed twice as I like the frames so much and got a few nice compliments on them. So yesterday found a nice pair that are different from mine and looking forward to getting them. Had to do another eye test as last one was a few years ago. Pearle Vision tests are quite comprehensive and they had me test field of vision and then the 3D test.

So Doc asks me can you see the flys wings sticking out at you (kind of leading question to be sure .. But anyway) I couldn't. I also couldn't see the dot that was raised in each group no matter which way they presented it. Finally got me a pair of special 3D black glasses that let me see the fly wings (and then of course it was like how could I have missed them !) but no joy on seeing the special dot raised.. Seems I have problems seeing 3D.

So turns out I have problems with my binocular vision and seeing 3D - nothing major and not much they can do but makes a hell of a lot of sense for anyone who has ever seen me try to play tennis or any other eye to hand coordination ball game. Doc said that yep it would effect me in things like playing ball games etc. So there goes my airforce pilot job ;-)

As a kid in Ireland all the girls played this game where you throw a small bouncy ball size of a tennis ball against a wall. Tricks were to throw two and keep them going and have you turn around etc and all these fancy things. Very common for playing in your doorway outside your house. The only thing I could do is throw the ball and have it hit me in the head...

So I sent a text to my mate Mo - letting her know my reason for being so crap at PE all those years (I got a B for trying real hard with no natural ability whatsoever) and i got a text back pretty quickly

Nope you're just crap at sports

Friends gotta love the honesty...

check your own 3D vision here


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