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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Lady of the night

Wonderful weekend away at Costanoa, the luxury camping site where the words hot tub, fireplaces, comfort stations and wine are bantered about.

We spent three wonderful days there - my friends Monica and her hubbie And were over from Ireland so I picked them up and we went over Friday night with himself bringing my sister chick over later. It was fantastic - we started on the wine early and 4 bottles later (just myself , Mon and And at this point by the way !) and one broken one we sent text message on the cell to himself to bring more when he came after work. Himself being a wonderful chap picked up a box of shiraz and he stayed up late chatting to new friends met round the campfire.

We had a fantastic day and later even though we had a bad blowout on the SUV on 280 next day while taking the friends back to the city for some show with a friend of theirs ;-),we all made it no problem.

Himself ran to the rescue and brought Mon and And to the city from where the car broke down and AAA came and rescued me shortly afterwards. He's a true superhero. Then sisterchick was a hero for me all weekend in having such a great time even though I know her head felt like it was exploding like the tire and yet she just chilled and gave comfort to my wee panics !

Later that sisterchick and myself met himself in Half Moon Bay at Pasta Moon a wonderful Italian place on main street. I had rib eye with garlic butter, mushrooms and sweetcorn that melted in your mouth and they had Butternut Squash & Mascarpone Ravioli, Brown Butter Sage, Crushed Amaretti There was all moans aka Harry met Sally about the amazing dinner we were all enjoying. If you ever in the area well well worth a visit.

Then came dessert. After such an amazing dinner and wonderful wine choice I was a quiver to what the deserts would bring. I decided on the following Lemon Parafait

Meyer Lemon Parfait
Lemon Curd, Italian Meringue, Lemon Sorbet,
Passionfruit Caramel Sauce

Sounds amazing doesn't it. On the first taste, I made a face like I was sucking venom hard out of a friends leg. I started to spoon that layer out and put on my plate deciding the rest would be less tart. It wasn't. After 5 minutes of going through 5 layers and my plate looking like I was doing the big hole dig of Boston I came to the realization that some things are just too tart

Sisterchick asked - is it tart? Myself - its so tart they should rename it to the whore of Babylon!

It was a fantastic meal though and we rounded off in the hot tub where we met some lovely folks and today celebrated our 6 month anniversary by a nice Thai takeout dinner at home and himself bought me a perfume set of Amarige by Givenchy. Which I love :-)

So a lady of the night dessert and sweet smelling anniversary with friends and himself. Life is good ladies and gentlemen

You have yourselves a good week :-)


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