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Monday, August 21, 2006

Watercourse Way- and the best painful massage ever...

Himself booked us into the lovely spa place WaterCourseWay in Palo Alto that's located right beside his job for Saturday. (can you say Hubbie of Year award :-) Friday they were booked out and that was fine as we went for some beers and caught a movie "Little Miss Sunshine" (see entry below and why haven't you seen it yet? ...)

Anyway - we went Saturday night and first went to a great Mexican restaurant nearby - I had a chicken in sour cream sauce with chili sauce. Amazing dish and the waitress was telling us its her Mums receive. Lucky her.. Then after the carafe of margarita we went to WaterCourse way where we had a hot tub room for ourselves and he had booked us for a massage later... Again can we say Hubbie of the Year. Himself is so good as he's booked us in for this place nearly once a month and its a fantastic night.

Normally we just do the soak or a sauna and bring a wee bottle of wine snuck in and enjoy. I don't normally do the massages as I don't like them much. Yes you heard right, I don't like massages that much.

I think its because the fact I've had so many physical therapy massages over last ten years that my brain has interpreted them as not as pleasant as most folks. The rubbing and the fragrant oil and candles, well I can get at home :-) So himself was getting a massage from a therapist Jason who's very good at Chinese kind of massage - lots of accupressure and he needed it from all those computer hours. I was given Vasili lovely massage therapist from Romania who's being doing massage about 17 years and had a lot of experience.

First off as soon as I was on the table and face down under the sheet (Side note - he was amazed at my superpower of getting undressed so quickly under the sheet when he left the room but then again he didn't grow up with 4 sisters one brother and a one bathroomed house... Longer than 30 seconds in bathroom and someone would have been killed in our house..) Before he even started the massage he said you have a problem with your right hip and the tendons in your (well he used nice word for it but basically my arse..)

Normally massage therapists work a lot on my back and shoulders and I leave feeling well oily and smelling of lavender and that's about it. Not Vasili - he does the kind of massage that makes you go want to bite onto your hand as its hurts as he releases that knot in your calf muscle but you know its going to feel so much better afterwards.

There was no gentle rubbing of fragrant oils in front of my face and wafting of candles in the room . He's more like a doctor who happens to do massage. Cranial release was also part of it and the next two days I was still tender at where he worked on me (all over) but no bruises which I was surprised at as he was going so deep thought it would bruise but nope - he has magic hands and I was tender but a lot more flexible.

He recommends two hours for next time as he can spend 5 minutes gently releasing a knot - and my hip feels so much better then it normally does so I'll give it a couple of weeks for my tenderness to subside and go again to him.

Another wonderful weekend gone and why do they go so quickly but thats another post but at least get to share it with himself who got a zillion brownie points of course.

Best painful massage ever folks.... There's something you don't hear every day.


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