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Monday, July 17, 2006

My precious...

So discovered a new XBox game - myself and himself just happened to fall into Frys electronic store at the weekend... As you do.. Well we actually had a product in mind when we went into Frys- a new holder for our portable car GPS system.

The GPS is fantastic - Garmin340 GPS - but it has a sucker kind of thing to stick to inside your windscreen while driving . Its either crap or its now too hot here (today was 104) and the sucker don't suck no more (sounds like a retro 80's tune that. So when I drive after putting in the address of the customer I am driving off to see - suddenly it goes bang and the GPS falls off the window and usually at me.. It looks small but its obviously out to get me..

Banged my knee twice with the stupid thing and only the fact its cool and needed I would have thrown it out the window with my cursing over bruised body parts. I even tried sticking to the dashboard with gum in a vain macgyver attempt to no avail, well apart from the fact my dashboard now smells of spearmint and nail polish remover to take off the useless gum. So we went in to see what they had to offer. Not much in fact nothing in that department so will be an online search for us while I see if I can superglue to the window or myself - something easily done..

So came across XBOX games and decided to get one. I love video games but I don't like fighting ones so means that I have a rather limited choice. So got the Hobbit and its a lot of fun. There's fighting but since you're a Hobbit doesn't seem as bad - and also himself sits beside me and I yell fight fight and throw the controller at him and he fights them kills them in a very manly hubbie fashion and then gives back to me so I can now explore safely picking up jewels and working out the puzzles.

We played yesterday for a good well 4 hours. Not bad for us but I can see the obsession happening. I cant seem to just play for an hour like I can with TV - I get sucked in and my hand starts to cramp as I overplay my poor wee muscles

So can I understand Bilbos obsession with the ring - of course I can. Now I have a precious too....


At 8:03 AM, Blogger jazz bird said...

Oh, no. I'm guessing I'll see you next power outage? :)


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