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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

anyone need any vases...

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So on our wedding invitation and on site www.mcviking.com - we let people know - please dont give us any gifts - we have everything we need - and dont need any more vases...

I should have known to expect this.

So my girlfriends in Ireland at the wedding said - we saw you needed vases and they ALL came up one at a time with vases for us.. The most garish vases you ever saw, all wrapped up.

That'll teach us not to say that again

Happy ending to story, well at least for us. I gave them all to my sisters kids and although Fiona tried in vain to give them back - I put money in the vases and insisted to her wee girls my nieces that they keep them - much to the cries of dismay from my sister.

Last I heard she fobbed one off on her mother in law by tricking her brother in law to bring it home saying she left it by mistake at her house. I heard from Fionas Mother in Law she plans to give it to Fiona for her birthday. I can see these vases coming back in a circle one day...


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