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Thursday, January 12, 2006


My family reminded me... only 8 weeks to go now till we get married. Wow that was quick.

We thought we had most of it done. Turns out theres lots of little bits to do. Like favors, invites, service, all those wee things ;-)

I laugh at the ‘we’ doing part as my family in Ireland (Yeah !!) have been doing the most of the running around to date. My Mum is on the hunt for a mobile hairdresser in Glendalough that can come to the hotel. Me I think I’ll actually want to get out that day for some fresh air. We even got wedding umbrellas just in case.

Looks like about 130 folks coming give or take 10 - sure theres some that cant make it but REALLY REALLY looking forward to having all our friends and family together. Looks like being a fantastic week

We made a to do list, and one of them is we’re getting our wedding rings engraved. We were thinking of YAA - you are assimilated from our reference to Borgs (Star Trek Next Generation for those who arent sci fi minded) but decided on something more romantic ;-)

We both went on the countdown diet - I’ve pretty much changed my eating habits over last year and even though we went to his Mums in Florida where she cooks the best mashed potatoes in the world ! She was great though and had lots of fresh veggies and salad so I couldnt overdo the complex carbs. I did ok considering its Christmas and thats about the only time of year I eat chocolate - put one some pounds but we hit south beach diet when we got back and started last week on Saturday.

Things to note re south beach

1. You will get a headache first few days as your body goes - wheres the SUGAR !!! GIVE ME the F***DAMN SUGAR !! -
2. This is not the day to do the service booklet and try and discuss readings and who’s doing what… likely to kill each other lol. We survived which we thought bodes well for us and marraige lol
3. The frozen meals seem like a great idea first week and half way through you want to throw them out the window
4. breakfast quiches rock ! And best of all most of it is leftovers so taste different every time
5. If you stick with it really works - I’m down 4 pounds and J 6 pounds in 6 days which is very cool.

Educating J on looking at labels when we went food shopping - never amazes me that fat free can be worse than just regular - they pile the sugar in

Jans off it tomorrow as its .. .drum roll…. American Stag Night. 14 boys including Jan off to San Francisco to eat, drink and use a lot of dollar bills. Its great his mates are coming in tonight and tomorrow.

Me - I’ll be meeting a girlfriend for dinner and then hanging out with new man in my life -well Ciaras new man - hes a month old and very damn cute. I’ll break south beach to drink wine saturday night ;-)

Decided to do Irish Hen Night March 3rd as with Jans March 4th would like the friends, sisters etc who have kids to be able to not have to decide whos going if we have it on same night. That and we’re heading to Connemara March 5th Sunday so at least I have a chance of hangover going by then. Two of us dying would not be the greatest plan.

Hopefully will see some of you guys that havent seen in ages in 8 weeks since we arrive March 3rd to Eire.

Now to turn my vaccum cleaner into a lipsuction machine....


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