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Monday, September 05, 2005

hard to believe

Its hard to believe that I’m in a country that boasts about how rich they are, sends troups where nobody wants them - into make up wars that we invent and then we cant take care of our very own here in New Orleans..

link to new orleans

The rest of the world was stunned.. how could America leave all those people dying there. Truth is that theres never a lot said here about how poor half this country is. We ignore it and give old clothes to goodwill hoping that somehow helps.

I watched the news numb.. Black folks were said to be looting.. funny when white folks who did the same were said to be surviving.. its a very big divide with class here and race here. Truth is though that theres more of a class divide where the hurricane hit than even just race. Lots of trailers and folks of every color living there. Looking at the TV though, people thought well… they are looting, thats why people arent going in.

Truth is there was no plan to help, even though the city has always been under sea level and it was a matter of time… All the dead are normally buried in wonderful old crypts in New Orleans .. even before the hurricane and why.. well thats because coffins will float past streets otherwise even with no hurricanes so they have them overground in a city they called the french folly, built on a swamp below sea level and sinking many years before anyone started really building there…

I’ve been to New Orleans.. Norleens… as the locals drawl, three wonderful times. Its a dangerous city, even before the flood, they give you a map and they clearly draw where you shouldn’t go and where is safe and where is not and they aren’t joking. Still it was an American city that was so different to others, it had a real culture than one of Walmart and strip malls. I hope they do rebuild, America has so little home grown different culture sad to see what little there is disappear…

I’m setting up an Irish night here in Bay Area for raising money for the victims.. getting all the groups together. We have to. How can we raise money for other events and here this one is in our own backyard and we turn off the TV hoping that someone else will take care of it.

If this one doesnt kick our president in the arse I dont know what will.

BTW - we raised over $2000 for the victims of Katrina. Not bad for 40 people. Of course now theres another hurricane and everyone is in US panic mode. They live off fear here in the states and encourage as much as possible in the news. The majority of people in Texas where its landing are white with their own transport. Guess evacuation wont be as hard. Hopefully will not to any damage but damage has already been done to the country as a whole.


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