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Wednesday, May 25, 2005


So I have set up an appointment to go talk to folks at a vocational nursing school near home for Tuesday. I’ve realized that I need to be learning something new all the time and while the new job is great and much more stress free compared to previous ones (well apart from the dread of hitting quotas…) I need to have something else I’m learning at the same time. While seeing friends at night is great, it doesnt cover my wonder at oooh can I learn that. I’ve always been interested in nursing but afraid to go into it, first it was fear of needles, then it was everyone else in my family is a nurse bar Gra so wasnt sure if I would also tire of it. But I dont bore of learning so I’ve decided to go into it. The vocational course seems a good step. Its not a full RN course but you can do a bridge course when you’re finished. From what I undertsand the RN courses here are nutty to get into and I dont have that luxery of taking off work to do them. I figure I can try and do all the courses from the start and also it will be my first foray into american college life - even at a local one :-)


well update - turns out they only do courses part-time - which sounded great but that turned out to be part-time monday to thursday 9-4 - so I couldnt work so not an option for me. Also Things at work started to get even better with myself and D working together. Hes amazing at sales, I do great at customer service so sort out all the issues and we’re kicking arse at working together. Nice thing is that its a job. Thats an achievment for me. I always get sucked in to working 60/70 hrs a week and losing out on other pieces of my life. Finally nice to be back to working to live than living to work….


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