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Monday, May 23, 2005

Star Wars

Well… he’s redeemed himself aul George Lucas… As Jan put it so well on Thursday when we watched it with his company (and thanks kindly to them, was a lot of fun!), Lucas could have skipped making the first two movies and gone straight to this one. I have to agree on that one.

And Jar Jar that most annoying of new characters, didn’t get to say a word although I noticed Lucas did put him in at the end, more as a nah nah nah nah kind of message to say .. well I think he works even if you don’t fans.

It was a visually exciting movie, script as normal wasn’t too heavy, we don’t watch Star Wars because we want Shakespeare type prose, that’s why we watch Battle Star Galatica….

We went again and saw it Sunday. It was still exciting but we both agreed that there were some parts that a good remote to fast forward would not have gone amiss.

But its the end of the saga. And the end of the Star Wars episodes. The first movie I saw as a child with my Dad in Fairview cinemas in Dublin and it certainly wont be the last movie I see (PG).


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