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Friday, April 08, 2005


I was back in Ireland for 5 days, a flying visit and got me thinking about home and what it means. When I was back in my old home I yearned after two days for my home in California. I’ve been here 11 years now in the states and it feels like home to me. I never imagined I’d stay so long. It all started with winning a green card and hating my job at PnG

I miss my clann, but I don’t miss Ireland - I miss my friends, the craic, the way that only Irish can take the piss out of themselves but I don’t see it as my only home anymore. Thankfully when I see my clann and friends doesn’t seem like anything has changed after a few minutes of catch-up. If anything the trip showed me that I like the few days to go home just wish there was a way to make it quicker. I suppose a move to the East Coast eventually will help that - be nearer to make short trips. It was great to see my sisters and the kids. I love how Fiona’s kids have such great personalities.. Babies are beautiful but kids chatting away and interacting is always the fun bit for me. Rachel was enamored by the thoughts of the magic carpet I had told her that I came in on and was skeptical until I told her it wasn’t there as it was being cleaned. That made sense to her and she even asked a few days later what color it was. I love that about kids - believing in magic carpets. I wish I had one, make those cramped wee airplane seats a unnecessary evil.

When I came back and saw Jan at the airport with his ‘there you are’ after I was last of the plane and his big welcoming grin and hug, I smiled and thought yep I’m home. Sitting last night after cooked dinner and a big fire on I felt at home, all cozy and wonderful. There’s still piles of boxes, papers, mounds of clothes to be put away and of course pictures to hang up but the new place is great and looking forward to having visitors come and stay with us.

Today’s a perfect Irish Stew day so I’ll make a big pot, its rainy and chilly outside, well California chilly so 55 and my clann in Ireland would take the piss out of me for that but cold enough for me for stew and a fire roaring to heat up the house.

I guess it’s true, home is where the heart is.


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