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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Math equations and shoes

The Solved Mathematical Equation of Shoes

So in conversation… change happen in balance to status quo.. we don’t like change and so we seek to rectify that balance. One of the needs for change or when someone sees that change is necessary… then it creates a void that we can either fix by change. Sales works that way which I found interesting - we identify a need or help create one and thereby unbalance the status quo so a sale is made to balance the equation.

This general theory seems to be able to work for most changes and most needs. However it doesn’t answer the great unsolved equation. One for the ages…. If needs are fixed by change such as you need more memory for your computer etc you go buy some to address that imbalance.

But how does this general equation address why we buy more shoes, or specifically I - we don’t have a specific need, we don’t even wear all of them.. yet we continue to buy more…. now thats one I’d like to be solved by Mensa


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