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Sunday, July 31, 2005

Garlic wine

Theres some things that you have to try at least once (as George Bernard Shaw once said - try everything at least once except incest and hungarian folk dancing… to which my german friend Elkie siad… but hungarian dancing is so much fun Sinead…. )

Anyway back to the matter in hand. So at the wonderful Gilroy Garlic festival - Garlic capital of the world seemingly… I wonder how the french feel about that one? We went as we’d never been and I heard a rumor that there was garlic everything including garlic wine. Being the natural hunters of wine that we are we found the blessed wine tent. and I mean blessed. It was 101 out at least and their tent was large, shady, had misting water keeping us cool and 10 wine vendors to do wine tasting. We were tempted to stay there all afternoon.

Jan found the garlic wine. Now imagine garlic in pure liquid. Now imagine drinking it. Thats pretty much the taste. I love Garlic and never thought I’d find a garlic food that I didnt like. Now I have . We have tasted it for you so no need for you to even go there. If anyone ever asks you have you tasted it you can claim you know someone who did and it was as revolting as it sounds. I will give them credit for making it and also imagine a nice chicken or duck would be fantastic soaked in it. (I make a great tri-tip in jack daniels !) For anything else I cant imagine how anyone would drink it.

The festival was great fun though and we met some more zazzle people at the fair. We had a lovely wine tasting wee event at zazzle friday and I got to meet the rest of Jan’s co-workers. What a great bunch of people and we enjoyed the wine and cheese as well !



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