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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

molly malone

This is back a few years ago. I was in Ireland and passing the tart with the cart (very bosum heavy Molly Malone statue) off Grafton Street in Dublin when two loud yanks stopped me.. (loud clothes, loud voices and very very touristy…

Mam excuse me Mam… who is this.. pointing to Molly Malone in all her bosom glory.. Now there was at that time a sign about the statue, who she was, the song etc but they were too busy taking pictures to bother reading. Again in loud voices as loud as their shirts, who is this? That I said in my most neutral voice, is Molly Malone. The man loudly asked who was she while he was looking at her hanging out of the dress.

She was our most famous prostitute I told them. See that cart, she wheeled it around herself and did 59 men on it it one night, including the then Mayor of Dublin himself. Sure ask anyone - we call her the tart with the cart and there’s even a song about her.. I walked away leaving them with their mouths hanging open… Love gullible people


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