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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Danger Danger Chocolate Chocolate

Ok.. probably a terrible idea but it seemed such fun at the time..

For thanksgiving we are having about 6 folks over for food and then another 4/5 over for dessert.

And just because we dont need it at ALL.

We got a chocolate fountain.

choc choc

Yes a bloody chocolate fountain.

One that has the melted chocolate in a wee fountain. So you can imagine chocolate fondue right… now imagine that in a fountain. Streams of melted chocolate hot and streaming….

So to balance it out we are getting lots of nice fruit to dip in the chocolate. Then its dairy and fruit right…

Of course the funny thing is that the chocolate founatain will not tempt me in the least.. I don’t care for chocolate so should be fine. I know I know.. I’m not a real girl blah blah blah.. How could I hate chocolate. Well its not that I hate it. I only really like white chocolate and its more of a nostalgia think. I remember loving the white chocolate as a kid and its really the only one I like.

Now if they ever bring out a stuffing fountain.. thats when I’m in trouble…

So for those who do celebrate Turkey Day – Gobble Gobble and a wonderful thanks for all my blessings this year - I am blessed with family, friends and love. Now to put that in a country song and away I go.. !


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