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Thursday, November 10, 2005


Was at a customer yesterday with D, my sales partner in Crime.. The office has started calling us Devade - Sinead and Dev name put together - also Mulder and Scully which I find quite amusing. Looking to have a big deal signed today, crossing fingers..

Anyway back to my wee story, the skies were overcast and there was some very very brief showers, not even sprinkles really, it was 60-65 degrees out and the customer was bitching about how horrible it was out. I laughed.

Thinking of Ireland and the cold weather that will surely great us in March. To be honest I dont care. I’m sure it will be cold, sure it will rain and a cold wind pierce our very souls when we go back to Ireland to get married but sure we plan to have some craic and enjoy ourselves.

Theres more people coming from America than I thought would - turns out we’ll have a gang travelling with us to Connemara and another bunch staying with us in Dublin. I’m excited to have all my different friends meet - we’re planning not such a traditional wedding with some games but should be lots of craic as we say at home.

All the planning is right up my alley as well. Gra my sister was teasing me saying what are you going to do when thats all done. Well first enjoy myself. I’m also doing the Irish Network which I probably will stay around for another year to help out whos taking it on. And keep up my new found fitness. Although Jan will probably slag me for that one as Monday night when doing Yoga together at the class, she does a body relaxation at first and I got so relaxed I dozed off. Woken up by Jan giving me a slight kick to nudge me awake. He claims I was snorning…. Cant see that ;-)

Hope you’re all enjoying November and only 4 months to go now…..


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