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Thursday, November 10, 2005

How to be woken up at 7am ...

Well myself and the wonderful man went to a Catholic Engaged Encounter this weekend. In part because its on our check off list for getting married in Ireland at the church, but more that I wanted to actually do this as I had heard amazing things about the weekend.

One friend had told me that her and her now husband were blown away and really uncovered some stuff they had glossed over in the hopes that sure will be covered when they get married… And they were thankful they addressed it beforehand. Another not so close friend more of an friends friend kind of thing had told us that it was boring.. that you talk to each other all day and write answers and discuss and very much focussed on the couple. Well we had an amazing bloody good time and it was emotionally draining, imigane seeing 6 chick flicks back to back all making you cry, laugh and love at the same time and you get the idea. We sat in Sunday night and watched comedy on the Tivo, its all we could manage and let our minds relax.. Bewitched and Sabrina the teenage witch.. both with very good adult roles of overseeing witches but I digress…

Being that myself and Jan are super geeks and if theres any one character that I feel that I am in a book its Hermonie from Harry Potter.. I always put my hand up in class. I loved to as a kid. I loved taking exams and still love learning. Jan teases me that I love taking certificate classes and I do. If I didnt have to work I’d probably be doing courses and racking up more certificates.

The wee viking admiteed that he was scared in part before we went becuase it just seems so right that we are getting married that being the engineer he started to think, well everythings so great.. .does that mean something is wrong we cant see? Always a QA guy at heart ;-) I was the same. It feels so right, so comfortable the wee doubter in you goes, well is that ok then.. We were both very happy to see that the course covered about 99% of the stuff we had already talked about, having kids, financial, sex, family, plans for future etc and quite all in depth :-)

We left the weekend exhausted but very much a glow about us, stronger by being tested in fire and looking forward to a lifetime of marraige, we know that we’ll have a lot thrown at us during our years but PG we can work through all of them with the same sense of adventure and hope we have now.

At end of weekend they had all the guys wake us by serenading us .. singing love love me do, my girl and going to the chapel. Now theres a way to get woken up at 7am in the morning ! All the girls were laughing but all thrilled.

Then at end of the weekend they have you write a love letter to each other and the guys came to find the girls to read it to them with tissues and an industrial rose in hand. Jan’s letter was .. well it was bloody amazing. And we had a wonderful time and I recommend the course to anyone who wants to get married. Its not religious and they didnt try and convert him to RC - which his dad was teasing him about.

Now to get him to serenade me without 30 other blokes.. lol


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