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Thursday, January 19, 2006

49 days to go

Well last lap coming up now :-) 49 days to go ......

We’re trying to get all our stuff done - all those last minute parts. Wedding Invites went out this week, makes very good bathroom reading ;-) Should be an interesting reaction from my folks when they see the 80’s themed RSVP statement .. By the power of Grayskull we will be there… that means yes they are coming

Makes a good RSVP for us anyway...

We got some colouring books and stuff for kids at the table so they wont be too bored. Also some red chewy vines to keep wee mouths busy during the service and speeches.

I’m off to try a fake tan and see do I look oompa loompa :-) Having a milky white skin is great - except for when you look like a vampire in need of a top up.

Sent off boxes to home, everyone cross your fingers here that US mail service doesnt feck that one up and my sister gets all the parcels we sent.

Latest thing is we’re trying to get songs that our lad and lass can sing, another lad can play on guitar and the priest gives thumbs up to - its like American Idol -not short of doing a text and vote for the songs you’re allowed to use in a church. They cant say no to you or just heres a good list use all holy songs, as music is alive and can celebrate the churchs view on marraige even with modern day songs.

As long as I can play my last song, thats all I care about. The rest I dont mind if we sing cumbeya for all of them ;-) Really looking forward to New Zealand. Now that should be fantastic. Yeah !!

49 days from now I will be Mrs Borg. A nerdy girls dream ;-) Not only marrying him for his name ladies - theres also the fact that with him I am finally myself and together more.

To partnership, joy and journey


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