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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

drinking rules

We had a good time with work yesterday. We met at a restaurant Trader Vics had some appetizers and rum drinks to celebrate our sales from last year. All seemed like a good idea but my nursing hangover has taught me a few things.

Things I learnt yesterday

1. I need to have a dinner, food, a good lining on my stomach before I drink. This is my plan for my hen night here and home in Ireland.
2. Small appetizers don’t count - especially when its calamari…
3. A small keg of rum IS really meant for 4 folks, not just one Irish woman with a mate Dev who’s driving and so isn’t really drinking

The Keg of Rum

4. After you quaff down the small ceramic keg of rum its NOT a good idea to get another one…
5. When I’m drunk I think drinking more is a good idea and its not, I am not really thinking and should stop trying to attempt it while drinking cocktails..
6. Sleeping sitting up on my sofa is a proven way not to get sick but will leave you with a sore neck that you only have also got from wrestling a 8 ft gorilla
7. Water and pills do work to make you feel better, but only when you don’t throw them up
8. A keg or even two - even if very cute in ceramic filled with Rum and Juices is not a good idea. This is a repeat one but I feel it must be stressed
9. I will stuff myself before going anywhere for any drink. I may even eat a table or two just to make sure I have enough solid lining in my tummy
10. Rum in kegs should be outlawed. Anything you need a 3 ft straw for should have a friggin license !


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