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Monday, April 03, 2006

getting fit

So booked myself for pilates again. The Saturday class is booked up but I put myself in for Mon and Wed classes at 6pm - I havent done it in months.. so I know this will kick my arse in two for sure.. I really liked the Sat lady Julie, as much as I didnt like getting up Sat Morning early - we'll see I'm on waiting list for that one as well - be funny if I end up at all three .. well funny in a wow I'm so feckin sore kind of way.

And tomorrow me and sister chick Shelia go back walking again - we both need it and I miss it - we walked tons in New Zealand but still - regular walking - only way I can get fit and lose some of my arse.. I felt great for my wedding but still like to lose another bit of weight and more importantly get fit - There was one section in NZ at a thermal park (gysers, boiling pools of mud and sulpher - very very cool) and it said it was physically strenous - so we walked it and it wasnt bad at all so I thought Yeah ! I'm fit - but also going in back of my head - that wasnt really hard so maybe they wanted to scare folks off. Then we went back on the regular trail and there was a section with stairs, or should I say cliff. OMG - my lungs wanted to jump out and get a new body. It was killer. Which of course retiterates several key points

- I am not that fit
- I dont like stairs
- I dont like heights - see story re skiing for that one
- I need to do more stairs

So I'll have to work in going up when walking - I've got the flat bits mastered ! Small baby steps right? thats the key to getting fit

And me, Jan and Shelia are off to learn how to play Golf. We were driving back from the Irish Network Brunch Sunday at Michaels restaurant at shoreline and passed golf course, we mused playing golf and none of us know how to - so we decided to take some lessons to see if we suck, if we want to continue, and a general sense of well we havent done that lets try. So campbell recreation group has golf lessons - how cool is that - so we start mid May - Tiger Woods look out ! Since I take 78 gos on video golf and have no eye to hand coordination at all...

I dont think he needs to worry. When I played tennis as a teenager with Monica my mate in Donaghmede - we played for about two weeks a year after Wimbeldon was on, our interest suddenly in tennis - we didnt play tennis - we played a game I like to call sorry. Yep sorry. It was named that as we considered ourselves Gods if we got a volley in at all. Normally I hit the ball no where near Monica (not on purpose) and yell sorry, she'd do the same. If we managed to hit it back - we stopped and cheered. I dont think the venus twins had anything to worry about..

Still I want to get reasonably fit - and the pilates helps my back which is always a good thing.

Nice thing about this year was I actually met my New Years Resolutions for last year ! Lose weight, get a job that doesnt overwhelm me but I love, make good money and have a life with and be good at, spend more time with my love and friends, get fitter and healthier. Yep shock to me too folks. Life is excellent and only starting....

Theme from star wars playing here.. Those at wedding will get it... :-)


At 5:44 PM, Blogger jazz bird said...

Haha! We would have been well-matched in tennis (when I still had an ankle that actually worked). My friend Karen and I played "Sorry", too. Then we'd have ice cream to make up for any calories lost (it was college- I was skinny already).

I can't wait until golf. FORE! So much more simple and polite than "Duck, ooh, sorry, no, really, DUCK!"


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