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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Camping.. Luxury Style

Kerensa had emailed us on the fly last week asking if we were interested in going to coastano for weekend with her and Brad and so so glad she did. We had an amazing time and otherwise we never would have found this gem of a place.


So we went camping this weekend with Kerensa and Brad and we had the best fecking time! Firstly the camping was luxury camping - - these beautiful small cabins (like a cabin house) overlooking the sea just south of half moon bay about 45 mins drive from us. They had real beds in the wee tent cabins, (with electric blankets) and I have to say the beds were super comfy. Myself and Jan have got spoilt with our bed and its hard to stay even at nice hotels as ours are better but the beds were wonderful.

Woken up by light coming throughout the white tent cabin walls - natures own alarm clock. You did have to walk over the nearby comfort station for bathroom but considering they have steam rooms, on site hot tub - not exactly roughing it... They had indoor and outdoor showers and the outdoor ones were fantastic - it was super warm which made showering outside in fresh air but inside your little locked cubicle even better..

So Friday night I picked up Jan from Zazzle and we drove through the mountains by a back road page mill road - lots of twists and turns but 200 Ft Redwood trees to take your breath away. We met with Kerensa and Brad who got there before us and we had tent cabins right beside each other. Had a great BBQ that night and we drank a box of red wine and another bottle on top of that. We all pretty much fell into our cabins pretty tipsy (ie vague memories of getting to bed) but feeling wonderful after a night of good conversation and stars above our heads.

Saturday we hiked down to the beach after breakfast (they have an onsite restaurant and it was included, can we say I love these style of camping ! Kerensa organized us into a game of hopscotch. Yeah Kerensa !! I hadn't played since I was a kid. I was out pretty early as my balance hasn't improved since I was a kid ( I blame it on my boobs...) but I took pictures of the others trying to pick up the stone vainly while balancing on one foot in sand.. Easier said then done. Hence the pics look like they are falling, since they are actually falling, kind of photos.

Then hiked back after a while looking at the sea crashing in on the shore, avoiding poison oak and ticks (which of course makes you feel itchy just thinking of it) then an afternoon of lazing outside Kerensa and Brads cabin eating great cheese, snacking on veggie chips and drinking wine, reading, chatting. It was brilliant.

The place had a BBQ for folks Saturday night and we did that after a soak in the hot tub. Met a lovely couple in hot tub celebrating their 37 years marriage. They had already done 17 things that day( well sounded like- two hikes, three walks, wine tasting and zooming around ) - we were content with our wee hike and our chilled lazy afternoon.

After BBQ we played board games, Jan was a bit sunburned so he hit bed early - I was dressed like I was in a snow storm, long sleeves, long pants, floppy hat. You can count on taxes and death, and also the fact I don't tan so I have long given up hope of trying and cover everything I can with fabric then stick on 45 SPF. If I had white Zinc I would do that as well. My idea that I have is a sunblock you can attach to showerhead and cover your bod in one go. So 100% coverage. Working on the kinks ike it not burning your eyes off yet...

Sunday we got up bit later, chilled with Kerensa and Brad and then went on an amazing horse ride all together. These were beautiful horses, not the ' oh my God he'll keel over and die and be made into glue when I sit on him ' kind of trail horses that make you feel guilty for going near them.

Vibrant, glossy coats and springing every step, full of personality. They tend to them as natural as possible so no horse shoes so their feet are more surefooted and sensitive and live longer than horses who have shoes put on cutting off their circulation. We went on a 7 mile horse ride up the ridge overlooking the sea - amazing views and great horseride through long grass and my dear horse thought he was in a McDonalds drive thru snacking as he went. It was fantastic and we hit the hot tub afterwards for a soak. Sunday night was dominos after an amazing meal in Half Moon Bay with wonderful wine and more great conversation and laughs.

One thing I've learnt is that you can be great friends with folks but doesnt necessarily mean that you can travel well together or be roommates. However we all discovered we travel really well together this weekend and planning our next trip for labor day with K and B. We had such an excellent time with them this weekend.

Leaving California eventually is going to be so tough with such good friends like these guys and the other rabble rousers.. (you know who you are and we're blessed to have you in our lives)

So memorial weekend was fun and we finished up by me practicing some feng shui on Jans office when we got back home (after a wee shopping trip) - and its a lot better - some bamboo lights, a bamboo plant, a lavender plant, some storage bins to declutter and basket weave mat with some candles placed around - makes it a much different room. Even more amazing is that I did all the shopping at Longs Drug store to do the feng shui so its cheap cheap cheap but doesn't look it

Now to go outside later and enjoy the sun in my new cowboy hat and big ass sunglasses... from the drug store shopping of course...

I also have a nice John Wayne walk from the horseriding and feel like I did a thighmaster for 3 hours but that's a different story...


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