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Monday, June 05, 2006

Birthday wishes

Well I'm 35 years old today and I have to say that I'm much more impressed and happier with my life in my 30's than I was any other time growing up.

When I was a kid in Ireland I always felt like an old soul in a young body - I didn't understand the kids my own age and was quite happy to sit read a book. It was my refuge in the storm of childhood. Then came being a teenager with all that it entails and like most other teenagers I wondered where I fit in and felt very much like a player on the outside. College was fun but I still felt like I was wrong age. 20's were a time of living away from Ireland, learning about myself and enjoying different things and careers but still my skin sat wrong.

I have finally started to feel like the right age if that makes any sense. Myself and Jan are such on the same wavelength and so comfortable with each other and ourselves that its the best present I could ever have. I'm no longer trying to spin wheels making someone else happy. I'm happy just being me and in doing that then we make each other happy as we support our own dreams as well as each others.

One thing everyone kept saying when they met Jan in Ireland and saw us together was how comfortable we were together and how myself I was. I hadn't realized but last 7 years I had slipped away from just being myself in an effort to make the other significant people in my life happy. You cant and realizing that came with an uplifting of my soul and being.

I got myself back, I love Jan, my life, my friends, my family and who I am. Sure is there any other greater present than that on your birthday....


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