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Monday, August 07, 2006

We can rebuild it....

Himself rebuilt one of his computers at weekend - updated it so I could use it since my laptops a work one and has a whole whopping 20Gig of memory.. so nothing and crashes quite a bit. To make sure I don't lose my stuff and can play my tunes and keep photos he put a whopping 320gigs of hard drive in there - plus the external hard drive I have now as well has 80gigs.. I feel like Dr Evil ready to take over the world..

Its fun watching himself work on the machine, he kept disappearing to Frys our local electronic store and coming back with bigger computer cases and adaptors for power. It was like watching the 6 million dollar man rebuilt to life...

Then came trying to access iTunes on laptop but stored on other machine. Recovering it meant redoing registry values and all fun stuff that meant I ended up with about 7 copies of each song (as I had so many copies of iTunes folders from the disastrous way our laptops are set up to our server so getting them all off and getting the songs I had ripped from albums was a joy.. Not.)

Then himself went through my iTunes for me, deleted all the copies for me and brought me tea as well while we chilled watching the TiVo selection.. Last episode of Sex and City when Mr Big comes for Carrie (been so many times on rerun sure that's not a spoiler..)

Its the wee things like rebuilding a computer for me, going and deleting all the unnecessary copies of iTunes songs and bringing me tea that makes himself such a 6 million dollar man to me...


At 10:06 PM, Blogger jazz bird said...

So true... it's the little things-- building computers, bringing tea and, for me at least, killing the tough monsters (in video games). I'm so glad you found each other :) It gives me hope.

--- yer twin.


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