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Monday, August 14, 2006


My Name is Sinead and I am a bread--holic.

For a carb-holic like me, any type of bread is a sugar rush of drugs to my head. I don't just love bread, I take my sandwiches quite seriously like a lover of wine or good cheese. The vintage sandwiches of coleslaw in Ireland, the melted brie and garlic on a soft French roll crust.. So its been quite hard coming off breads and learning to live without them.

So finding southern biscuits in BoJangles in North Carolina (himself had the car on direct drive to them as he's missed the taste of BoJangles so much being here in Cali) has me dreaming of bread all over again.

Now in Ireland biscuits are cookies, yes that's right and Jelly is jello, jam is your version on jelly, chips are French fries, crisps are your chips - keep up good people...

So American biscuits are, well there's no equivalent - we have scones - (in Northern Ireland pronounced s'gone - like he's gone..) but scones may look alike but are a different cousin all together. They tend to be sweet and also there's someone who's ruined them by throwing raisins or flies as my sister always referred to raisins. Biscuits are not scones, nor wee bread rolls, they are simply heaven... Soft, bread like but ready to crumble in your mouth. Touch of butter and you've scored.. BBQ sauce in NC also rocked my world. You could dip cardboard in it and think it tasty so pulled pork in BBQ even better... Hungry yet?

Going to be a problem living in North Carolina when we move there in a couple of years. I can see myself looking longingly at the biscuits as we drive past. Like a full size Garfield licking the window.. My name is Sinead and its been 12 hours since my last biscuit...


At 4:45 PM, Blogger jazz bird said...

Mmm... biscuits. Add a touch of honey and they're perfection. And just think-- five minutes ago I was so satisfied by the yogurt I'd just consumed.


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