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Monday, August 28, 2006

Sad news

Talking to my Dad he told me there was a horrible accident and one of my old neighbor's from Donaghmede that lived across the road. Elaine(nee Bernie)Luthi's little 6 month old girl Paige Luthi was tragically killed by an SUV driver whose SUV came up on the kerb near there home here in the US.

The wee girl Paige was out with her Auntie Debra and her cousin and Uncle who were over from Ireland visiting her in Auburn (about 3 hours north of where I am). They were going into Longs pharmacy and waiting outside when the driver seemingly had a seizure and knocked down the stroller, the 12 yr old cousin and the Uncle while Debra had popped inside to the store. The baby died an hour later. The driver seems suffered from seizures - why he was driving I don't understand.

Words can describe how sad this is - the newspaper shows a photo of Elaine and her husband and Paige. Death that comes suddenly and violently is always heartbreaking and always the more when its such a wee one. Our thoughts and prayers to Elaines family and a prayer of support for them. I haven't seen Elaine in years since I came to the states but growing up she and Fiona another neighbor were a couple of years older but would always organize games for all the kids on the road and once did a whole sports day for everyone. They were natural Mums both of them and she was always kind to a much younger geekier me.

RIP Paige, may God bless you and hold you in her arms. Angels are sometimes only lent to us.

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